Barking Seal (aka Croup)

So Oliver went to bed as happy as could be Monday night. I think he was relieved that for the first time in months he did not have to hang with the babysitter on Monday night, something that we've had to do in order for Matt and I to get our lives in shape. (Someday I'll explain more.)

But he laid down peacefully and willingly. And then. all of the sudden. out of nowhere. a strange animal entered my son's nursery. It was midnight and I was woken up by his crying and sound of distress. I went into his room to pick him up and it was hard to settle him down.

I nursed him but his breathing was heavy and labored. He sounded like he was wheezing. And it wouldn't stop. So after 10-15 minutes of this I woke up Matt. We hooked him up to R2D2 (his nebulizer) and administered meds from the last time he had a cold and was wheezing. But this time it didn't help. Matt threw down the mask and said, I'm taking him to the hospital. He started getting dressed and I just held Oliver watching him nervously. Next thing I knew Matt was saying goodbye to me and I was all like, "Uh, excuse me? You're taking him to the hospital w/o me?" He said he felt there was no reason for both of us to go. What a guy. Taking one for the team.

Anyway, I slipped on a fresh pair of sweats and off we went. Of course he was easily diagnosed once we made it to the emergency room. He had croup. He was smiling with no fever and his oxygen levels were just fine. He was a good boy during this whole visit, sitting patiently while the staff treated him. He gave everyone smiles and even managed a few claps with his hands. He was given a few kinds of treatments and his breathing calmed down shortly afterward. By 3am he was finally asleep in my arms, albeit, we were still at the emergency room. It was 4am by the time we got home and that's when I noticed my yoga pants were on inside-out. Oh well, what more can I expect of myself at 1 am with a sick baby? This is my life now: disheveled and happy.

I am going to hunt down that croup virus and kill it along with the hundreds of other cold viruses out there. This is the 4th or 5th cold my 8 month old has had! (Today's his 8-month birthday! Happy Birthday Oliver!) Yesterday I bought echinacea which I'm going to administer to him ritually.

I've been reading way too much on the I. There're so many freakin' flippin' germs out there and I just can't seem to stop them all and I know I'll go insane if I try. Not to mention all the toxins. All of the sudden, overnight almost, I've realized how toxic our world is and how chemicals are the fabric of my life!

I'd go sit down but I'm afraid of the formaldihyde in my nice furniture and the chemicals in the dye of the cushions. Not to mention the toxins in the laundry soap that clean the toss pillows.

It's overwhelming!


  1. Isn't this the way that children develop their immune systems by getting colds?? Just think he's getting stronger in the process! Hope you are swell! Love, Anne


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