Zoorific and Pizza for breakfast

Last night was fun. The three of us went out for pizza with a really good "couple friend" of ours, Sarah and Jeff. The four of us love pizza. So, we had a nice time and then when Oliver woke up at 6:45 am today I said, "Ready for some pizza?" :)

Zoo time: Yesterday was my last Friday off for "family leave". I wanted to make it a special day and take Oliver to the zoo; to have a little Mommie-baby time. (Plus I got to try out his new, way-cool stroller in blue and brown!). All day long I reminded myself that this day was about Oliver—not me and my agenda, not me trying to get things done while I plop Oliver into a swing (which I'm doing right now unfortunately), not me chatting with friends on the phone or in person while I'm dragging Oliver around. Nope. It was an Oliver day and I had to turn down at least 3 requests to share it with friends and at least 20 impulses to call my friends and play catch-up.

This was Oliver's second trip to the zoo and in just 1 month's time, there had already been a big difference in the way he responded to the animals. I think the most fun part was feeding the goats, letting Oliver get close to them and smack their foreheads. It was pretty funny actually. He took such delight in that! He'd been getting some practice with our cats. Velvet, our most friendly cat, has allowed Oliver to grab his hair. Unfortunately, he then runs away and Ollie is left with a big clump of black cat fur in in his little hand while Velvet is left with a bald spot on his back. He has several. Yep... it's funny. I'm just waiting for the day when it happens with one of the other two. I have an attack cat who hates children usually. I'm hoping she'll be different with Oliver. No worries. We are keeping VERY close watch. I will pull Zoe's claws out one by one if she gets nasty. I'm kidding actually. Kind of.