We all made it thru the weekend

Well, I left on Friday morning for a GWA and it was not without tears, fears and lots of phone calls.

As I said good bye on Friday morning to my sweet little son whilst he was swingin' away, the tears flowed. I had no idea it would be so hard to leave my little peanut for the first time. Then Matt said to carry Oliver out to the car with me, that they would walk me out and hey... you don't have to ask me twice to hold my sweetie pie one more time!

That's when I noticed he was wheezing. Now, I knew he was sick. The night before I left he was miserable. My stand tall baby was weak in the knees. Nothing I could do would strengthen up his wobbly little self. He was a mess, weak and tired and just plain sick. He had a chest cold. When that little mouse coughed, he sounded like a 90-yr old man. A chain smoker. A prison mate. A weathered sailor. Not good.

The wheezing alarmed me. I asked Matt to call the doctor, thinking I was just being overly concerned. While on the road outta town, I learned that Oliver's oxygen levels were a tad low (94%) and they had to hook my unscathed child up to a nebulizer. After they administered the meds, his oxygen levels went back up to 98%. I did not experience any of this. Matt had "daddy'd up". He was the man of the hour, the daddy-hero of the weekend.

It was a gift actually. The whole weekend was a gift. Here's why in no particular order:

  1. I was filled up spiritually at the GWA

  2. I received a much needed respite

  3. Matt learned he could do this deal (all by himself if he has to); He can trust himself

  4. I learned Matt could really do this deal; I can trust him now with anything regarding Oliver

  5. Oliver for sure has two loving parents

Even though I was gone and I felt like I needed to be home, I think the God had placed the series of events in a special, much-planned order so that all involved could grow and learn and be better people.