Oliver's first bites of solids!

I was ready. Really ready. I thought Oliver was too, at least he seemed to be. Every time I put something into my mouth (food and bevies, please) he gazes with intense disbelief. I suspect he's analyzing with his limited library of past experiences what the heck I'm doing.

When he's stares me down, I take advantage of his curiosity. I summon his awe as he contemplates the mysteries of ice cream, french fries and diet coke, the marvelous structure of reality as Einstein once said. Yes, we subscribe to Saveur magazine and scour each recipe while sucking down a Mountain Dew in one hand and BBQ potato chips in the other. (Wait, that would be Matt, not me.) What I'm trying to say is that I want to encourage my peanut to eat, and eat well. And if he's going to eat junk like us, well, at least I hope he enjoys and relishes each and every bite.

I'm hoping to encourage this by smiling and enthusiastically talking while I eat. "Mmmmm... YUM! Food is good! Food is so very, very good! It's the best thing ever!" And then he laughs. Perhaps he can tell my twisted love for life's treats. Food really is a wonderful thing.

Ok, back to Oliver's first meal. It was Wednesday, noon. I found the Curious George spoon and bowl that I had bought about 10 years ago for my "someday" baby. I carefully, methodically and lovingly mixed a tablespoon of Organic rice cereal with breast milk, slightly heated. And there laid his first, organic, gourmet meal, on the ordinary high chair. Kid, you better like this b/c I have been preparing for this moment for over 10 years.

See for yourself.

And then he overcame.