He's not so sweet anymore

Oh my goodness, almost overnight, my sweet little peanut turned into an ornery ol' monster. Well, ok, he's not a big green monster, but he is a bit on the old cranky side.

I'm not sure what happened. Matt and I were trying to figure it out all weekend. We sailed up north again with friends and this was the first time Oliver spent this ride in the back seat with BOTH of his parents. So we thought that was the problem. Two parents. Why sit in the car seat happily when they should be picking me up and playing with me.

But now car seat aside, he was just a crab apple.

And tonight, same thing. The next thing I'm thinking is that my milk supply has pretty much gone away again because it's that time of the month for me. Monday-Thursday I pumped about 2-3 oz per day. Pretty sad and pathetic once again. I thought maybe he was getting enough by nursing, but maybe he's not and that's why he's so unhappy.

I have still been feeding him cereal. Tonight he had peas! It was way too cute. But even so, he's still unhappy and we have begun our quest to figure this all out.