Childcare update

Ok, a quick lunchtime post.

Just got back from feeding Oliver over lunch. There are two things I need to make note of. If you know Oliver's Mom is coming in at Noon to feed him wouldn't you:

1. Not feed him 4 oz of breastmilk at 11:30am and
2. Pick him up off the floor, have him smiling (not crying), and get off the cell phone by the time she walks in?

When I got near to the door I could hear the crying. I walked into the room and in one quick glance assessed the situation: Oliver crying hysterically on the floor, tucked in a corner on his tummy, drooling over some toys while the caregiver was on her cell phone.

I immediately picked him up and could see he'd been crying for a bit (not sure how long) and wiped the tears from his eyes and the drool from his sweet little mouth. I left the drool on the floor there.

This is the hard part. Working and letting someone else care for your baby. I love him. She doesn't. I don't expect her to. But I do and I don't want him on the floor crying hard like that, left alone.

I don't want to quit my job. I don't feel like I need to switch day care centers. I think this is just what's going to happen. This is why women stay home.

I take back every bad thing I have ever said (in general) about SAHM's. Everything. I am here to say, "I was wr-wr-wrong!"

I understand now why my friend Pamela said, "I wanted to be VP of my company until I had kids." And when she said that I thought, No way. Not ever. Not me.

That's me.

That's me!

Anyway, I straightened out the milk/feeding situation with his teacher (that's what they call the caregivers at his center—aka school). But I'm not sure what to do about the laying on the floor crying while she was chatting on her cell phone deal.

For now, I'll just keep a record of it here.

And by the way, just because I wrote what I wrote here, that does NOT mean I am getting a minivan.

No way. Not ever. Not me.

Not me.

Not me!