My bathroom is clean!

Oh my gosh! It's a miracle, a wonderful feeling! Squeaky clean! Even the glass shower doors sparkle. You almost don't want to use it! Next, I vacuumed all the cat hair from the whole house. Oliver's room, the nursery, luckily never gets too outta hand, so now I have two clean rooms in the house. I even cleaned under the kitchen sink.

Ah, I feel like I can breathe again! I even have a scented candle lit, a smaller glimmer of my old life lives on.

As I tackled the kitchen today (most of the cleaning happened yesterday in the evening) Oliver got sleepy, but would not go down for a nap. That boy really fights his naps sometimes! So, as I kept trying I realized the best thing would be to quit trying to get back to my life and focus on his. He prolly would do best with a walk. So off to Starbux we went. (I'm not completely selfless!)

That little guy, once in the stroller, just chilled chilled chilled out. He was so calm in there. By the time we got to Starbux, he was fast asleep. It didn't take him long to wake, but that's OK. At least he got a bit o'sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, he easily sleeps thru the night these days. Last night he fell asleep about 9pm and I had to wake him this morning at 8. The night before it was the same deal. And then there are nights when he wakes every 2-3 hours to eat. It's Ok. He has all kinds of sleep patterns and I really don't mind too much. It is more difficult when he wakes on the nights that I have to work the next day, but that's fine. It's not affecting my work for some reason. I must be getting used to it.

He's growing so fast and the only thing that's different for me these days is that I am truly trying to enjoy all of my time with him instead of trying to get things done in my life. Some things can wait, some things will not be perfect, and now I'm a peace with that. I think since he's been born I've only become totally stressed out twice where I could not take it anymore. While I've never taken it out on him, I occasionally happily hand him over to his daddy at times and just need to step out of the same room as him. It's normal I think. In fact, I'm pretty lucky that I have so much patience with him. His screams and cries don't bother me the way that other people's kid's screams used to. I noticed yesterday that his squeals of delight may bother others.... to me, it's just growth. It's hard to shush a 5-month old baby who doesn't understand "discipline" yet. He's just being a 5-month old! I love him so much and can't imagine that some day he will get me to a boiling point! I hope that I can handle all of his temper tantrums with grace, but I bet I will be human (instead of super-human) at best.

Ok, back to cleaning. Oliver is with his daddy right now (back to Starbux!) and this gives me time to get ready for the baby shower we're going to, and to finish cleaning that kitchen!



  1. Great posts Andrea! I still check every once in awhile to see what you guys are up to. Sounds like life is busy and spending a relaxin weekend at home might be just what you need! It was good chatting with you briefly this morning! Love, Anne


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