It's been a while!

I am finding it so difficult to do the things I really would like to do—like writing here for instance! And please, whatever you do, don't stop by my house unless you promise to arrive broom-in-hand! I hate to admit that even my bathtub is wearing more jewelry than myself..... (a ring, get it? ha ha.... i'm so not funny)

So at work, on lunch.... and not going home to feed my peanut today for a change. I am using my lunch time to write here.

We've been heading up to the cottage each weekend practically. Thankfully, this weekend, we are staying home. Usually when I'm home for the weekend, I fill up my schedule like a stuffed baked potato (the kind I like to eat, topped until the steaming and glistening mountain of fats just oozes slowly down the sides...... oh my God, I'm still hungry!)..... In other words, when I'm home for the weekend, consider my garden still weedy and thirsty, my house still in grand disarray, and my fridge either completely empty or filled with moldy take-out leftovers.

So, this weekend I have only three dates: one for lunch on Friday with my aunt and cousins (and baby Vincent who was born about 1 month after Oliver); one on Saturday, a babyshower for my good buddy at work who is adopting a beautiful baby girl; one on Sunday with my close buddy and her husband (a fun couple that my hubby and I like to hang out with).

Let's see if I can start to carve out a bit of time for myself. Not sure. Between my weekly showers and once-a-month shopping trips, it might be a little tricky. Of course I do have to admit, I'm 100% caught up with my soap and with Project Runway (altho I still have this past Wednesday's episode to look forward to.)

And lastly, a few pix so you can see how my little peanut is growing! (oh, and one of the cottage door!)