Day 2 at day care was much better

Today there were no tears. I walked into the center like a pro, baby in one arm, over-stuffed diaper bag in the other. I even had lipstick on. (No mascara, just in case.)

Oliver is 5 months, 2 weeks old or so. At this center, the little babies are divided into two rooms: 0-6 months, and 6-12 months. We opted for the older baby room so that Oliver could learn from watching babies older than him. But as I looked around the room yesterday, there were no swings, no saucers, no play mats. There were none of the familiar toys that Oliver has at home.

So today the center recommended he go into the smaller baby room. Fine by me. I knew immediately it was much more age-appropriate. He was kind of bullied in the older room; most of the kids were 10 months and up and climbing all over him. The younger room was so much quieter, more peaceful and sweet. There were two care givers and with Oliver, there were 4 babies. It was sweet. I felt completely better about the whole day care experience.

I came back at lunch and the same energy in the room prevailed. The babies were all mellow, playing quietly. None of them climbing on the other. Each one playing in his or her own little play mat.

And then, the lady watching Oliver (forgot her name already) told me she took him and little Luella for a walk in the double stroller. Turns out, he has hooked up with his first girl friend! She said they held hands the entire walk. I'm amazed. He was perfectly OK today.

And guess what? So was I.