Oliver giggles

Oh my God, it's the cutest thing I've ever heard. I just cannot believe it!

My peanut is growing and changing so quickly! Not only had he been having conversations with me, but then he started hacking out a little laugh. It just was sort of an expansion of his chatter (squawking) that he's been doing. But yesterday I heard him giggle. A real giggle! So I mentioned it to Matt, and he's all like, "Oh yeah. He's been laughing." and I'm all like "What??? When? How?" (And why the f did you not mention this to me! but I didn't say that b/c I was still too caught up in the laughing moment.) What's up with these guys? Or is it just mine? Keeping all that to himself like it was no big deal.

But today, Oliver was really giggling. It was too amazing! I had to get really silly. I mean really silly..... and act totally goofy...... and then he'd laugh. And it seemed he'd only do that in public spaces. Never when we were alone.

So then I realized why he was really laughing and giggling. Not only did he get free entertainment from me, but holding out on those laughs until his mother acted all a-fool was even funnier because, there she was, in the nice neighborhood grocery store where they all have seen her shop for years, acting like a mad crazy woman.

Just a mom and her boy in the grocery isle. And you know what? I don't care. I got to hear my baby giggle! It's the cutest thing!