Life with baby is pretty easy

Ok, hope I'm not jinxing myself here. Oliver has been a dream to take care of. He is starting to form his own schedule. I can tell when he's tired or hungry so that helps to take care of his needs before he even starts to cry or fuss too much. Awesome!

Now, about work and Oliver's nanny. I decided that I really needed to get back to work and soon. My employer was quite busy and they agreed to have me start earlier than my originally scheduled return date of June 11th. So I was able to ease back into work, 2 days the first week, 3 the next and 4 the following. In exchange for coming back early, they let me take Fridays off for the rest of the summer. Hooray! Now I get to spend some quality time with my little boy while the sun is shining and the weather is warmer! And it's been great!

Work gives me the fulfillment that I need (this is just a personal thing... it's not a comment on full-time SAHM's....) and it gives me a break (i know that sounds so selfish!) so that when I come home I am 110% ready to pay attention to my little guy.

Oliver's nanny is awesome. Her name is Megan and both Matt and I think that "megggggan" will most probably be Oliver's first word because she is so good to him. She's a young gal going to school and is off for the summer. We are lucky enough to get her 4 days a week b/c there are quite a few other offers out there for her services! She's going on a roadtrip next week, so we have a substitute caregiver for the next week. Oliver will def miss her. We made her a few road trip CD's, and her favorite was the Nasty Nanny mix. :P Yep, I'm more deranged than you thought.

Here's a pic of Oliver and Nanny!