He's still breathing

It's been 3 months and yet, I check to be sure he's still breathing. It's remarkable that I have this child, and remarkable still that he's remained here with us despite my lack baby raising skills. Thank goodness babies are resilient. And I'm glad that Oliver has the patience of a rock when it comes to waiting for mama to figure out what he's saying.

Also, who laid down the magic wand and made him so much bigger? Today I noticed how big he is. He tried talking today too and let out quite a few new squawks. He been sitting up in his swing for two weeks now but acts like he's been swingin' all his little life. And he's just BIG. I mean, twice the size he was when he was born. When did that happen? It's just amazing to see how fast a little person grows in such a short amount of time. It freaky really. I've never seen anything like this before in my life.

And tonight he was squawkin' away. Squealin' and squawkin' until he was coughin'. He ended his speech with a few owling "whoooo whoooo's" and then he was out, just like a light. From 60 mph to zero.

That's when i had to check to see if he was still breathing......