Happy Father's Day Matt!

First, let me honor my very own father, the man who worked all his life to provide me with one. "The woman cost me a fortune!" to quote my dad as he was referring to me one day..... I love you Dad! (he'll prolly never read this tho!)

Ok, back to Matt. Hey, this was a sweet weekend. We sailed (in a car) up to Door County in Matt's new Toyota Tundra along with Mr. Oliver. It was a nice ride up there... the truck smoothly coasting along. The weather was great. The weekend included a bon fire, fireworks, and a few thunder storms. Oliver has been up to the cottage 3 times now.

The best part, for me, about Father's Day, was watching Matt well up when reading his Father's Day card. It made ME cry! Nanny and Oliver made the card together. Oliver's hands were traced inside. I'll try to scan the card and post it here at a later date. (Not sure if I can pry it out of Matt's hands!)

I swear, having this child has been THEE best thing ever. I love that boy so much. It's been a love that has been growing. I love to hold him and have him fall asleep in my arms. I love to see his big blue eyes looking up at me. I love when we speak to one another, silently, knowingly. He smiles at me..... big grins, quiet grins... the best are the little smiles..... the smiles I catch when I haven't been looking yet he's been watching... and smiling quietly at me. I love those the best I think.

I love seeing my husband be a dad too. He's so good at it! I think he will teach Oliver some cool things. Matt is patient and kind. He loves to take care of Oliver. He loves to hold him and chat with him. He doesn't mind changing his diapers and wiping his bottom. He loves when Oliver farts.

I read this this weekend:

Babies make love stronger, days longer, nights shorter, bank rolls smaller, homes happier, the past forgotten and the future worth looking forward to.

It's so so true. Our love (mine and Matt's) is stronger. I think babies can make a couple's love stronger... a marriage stronger, but only if the marriage is a healthy one. I especially love the part about the past forgotten and the future worth looking forward to. I would never have understood that until now. I know my past and the mistakes I've made... and none of that matters now. I think about my little guy and love each moment to the best of my abilities and look forward to many many fun times ahead.

For now tho, I just focus on those dark blue eyes, those beautiful big eyes as they stare up at me each day. Oh boy..... I just love you so and I thank your daddy for giving you to me. Thank you so much Matt! He's the best gift ever. And you are a great daddy!

Happy Father's Day Matt!

Love, andrea