Oliver smiles!

Oh my God, it's the sweetest thing in the world! It's like the whole world stops and the music begins..... the lights are turned up and I get swallowed up in Oliver's smile!

His doctor says it's just gas, but it just can't be, because he smiles in response to my smile. He smiles and then I cheer him on and he smiles even more! It's the most wonderful thing I've experienced...

And today, as in every morning, he was hanging with his dad when he started cooing... which he's done before. But today, Matt cooed back, and then Oliver cooed in the same intonation, then Matt, then Oliver. Over and over again.... I was so glad I was here to witness that.


  1. Ah, and so it begins. The life long amazement at how these little souls can bring us joy. I constantly find contentment in just a smile, a word, a touch, or a simple drawn picture from my girls.

    The smiles are great. Just wait -- you have "Mama" and "I love you" and dandelion bouquets to look forward to!!!!



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