Milestone - Oliver is a new size

I've decided to start tracking some of the milestones Oliver has been going thru. I don't have a baby book, so this blog is going to have to suffice. But like I said, I'm not sure how I'm going to attach a lock of hair to cyberspace.

Anyway, this week Oliver has officially grown out of his newborn sleepers, most of them anyway. I squeezed him into a few of them last week, trying to deny that he's getting any bigger. (His legs were a little scrunched up, but I justified that by thinking he bends his knees most of the time anyway!) Most people who see him comment on how big he is. I want to say to those who declare his largeness, "No he's not! Look! He's still in newborn clothing! Say it with me: NEWBORN." That means small people! He's just a little dude!

But now he's in newborn to 3 month clothing (and even a couple 3-6 month items, but not many). I think I'm finally ready to accept that. It's difficult to tho. In fact, it was so hard to think about, that I went and purchased ALL of his newborn sleepers in the next larger size so that I wouldn't freak out too much! At least now the outfits are the same. But technically, they are not. Sniff. Even the snaps are bigger on the 3 month sleepers! I think I need another baby already.

Another milestone: he loves being held upright, with his arm hanging over my arm, his cheek on my shoulder, watching the world. This is how an older baby is usually held. I just can't wait for him to put his arms around me! Right now he has little control over them, occasionally smacking himself in the face, not on purpose I'm sure.

Another major milestone: He slept for 6 hours one night, 5 another and has been regularly doing 4 hour stretches. Yippie! This is amazing! So far, it's just one stretch like that and then back to 2 hour feedings, but still, it's great! I just could not believe it the first time it happened. This led to him sleeping in his crib too for part of the night. Since I like to nurse him in his room on his glider, I usually put him to bed for the night in his crib around 8:30pm. He usually wakes at 10:30 or 11 and then I can feed him in his room while in the glider. After that I move him to our room. But when he sleeps for those large amounts of time, that means he's beginning to be comfortable in his own crib. That's nice in a way, but I do feel he's so far away and he must be lonely without me! :)

Oh, and one more this week too! When I stick out my tongue, Oliver does the same! It's so amazing! It's fun because normally all he does is eat, sleep, chill out or cry. Now he smiles, coos, and sticks out his tongue!

I hope he doesn't get sent home from school some day for that!