Lunch time fun

This past week or two Oliver and I have had several lunch dates and visits! It's been fun!

Last Friday we toured another couple day cares, had coffee together and then we met two of my girlfriends from work for lunch. Of course, Oliver slept thru the whole ordeal, but still, we had a blast. One of the gals has a little daughter that will be his friend at the day care center that I'm pretty sure Oliver will be attending. :)

That night (ok, so this wasn't a lunch date, but it was a visit!) we bundled up and went for a walk which led to another girlfriend's home. We decided to pop in for an unexpected visit. We got to meet her daughter and friend and the five of us had a blast! Oliver even came home with a new cute outfit from the Gap that our friend gave to us!

Then, we met another girlfriend of mine from work at the mall on Saturday. This proved to be very fun because she has two children and knows all the hot spots for kids. I got to see all the fun things that will appeal to Oliver once he gets a bit older.

On Tuesday we met another friend for lunch and this time we had pizza! Oliver, one more time, slept thru much of the lunch, but that was ok. We had fun anyway!

After that, we went and toured a castle in River Hills. Actually, there was a big auction going on at a mansion that is going to be demolished this weekend to make room for the 20,000 square foot mansion that was growing up in its place. Oliver was impressed by the new home being built and remarked that he was glad he didn't have to live there because it would be difficult to keep track of all his toys in such a large place.

Wednesday we met another girlfriend from work for lunch! How cool! This time was no exception, as Oliver slept thru the entire lunch only to open his big blue eyes briefly enough for her to catch a quick glimpse.

Today I was tempted to call on another girlfriend, but I thought I'd give Mr. O a break. No shopping. No visiting. Just quiet time at home with mom. In the evening we went for a walk and shopped for groceries. We got one little visit in however as a friend spotted us strutting down the sidewalk and pulled over to say hi.

And not to mention the dozens of chats we had with strangers who can't help themselves. It seems having a baby is a magnet for passer-bys—women and men! (and other children)

Had I known this when I was single I would have had a baby a long time ago! It's the best way to meet people and have a social life to boot!