Lullabies = a mellow Oliver

So, I swore that I'd never play children's music (the typical kind) for our baby. And instead of Baby Einstein, I'd play the real deal, not some splenda-sweetened chipmunk version.

But one never knows what kinds of gifts will come one's way. And like many other gifts, we received this lullaby CD that I would have never purchased on my own. In fact, the first time I listened to a few songs (before Oliver arrived) I thought it sounded quite boring. And one-more-time, I'm proven wrong and will be eternally grateful to the person who delivered this gift to us.

Well, as I must have written about earlier, Oliver absolutely hates his car seat. And one day, driving in the midst of deep wails and cries, I decided to turn up the tunes to drown out my sweet little baby's voice. Mind you, I had only satellite radio and my CD's in the car (nothing for Mr. O) So, crank the tunes I did, and soon afta Oliver quited down. (I did not blow out his ear drums.....I'm not that mean.)

The next car ride, I decided to break down and load all 6 slots in the CD player with oTunes (Oliver tunes). (Ok, I must admit, 2 of the six CD's were adult music that I thought a baby might like.) Eventually, I played the Lullaby CD while he was crying.

Instant quietness. Oh my God!

(This is a true miracle if you don't already know.)

Ok, I thought it was just a coincidence. So, I tried it on a different trip. It worked! Again and again and again. And it's mainly just this CD. John Coltrane and Dizzy Gilespie work too, just not as well.

This allowed me to take a 50-mile trip to the outlet stores! Woohoo! On the ride home Oliver was not having any of the car seat. Again, on with the lullaby CD and he's quiet. Now we're travelin' along being all happy-happy, when all of the sudden, I can barely keep my eyes open. I mean, it was like I had little people hanging on my eyelids, pullin' them down.

And then I realized what I was listening to: "Sleep, sleep, little one sleep. Sleep, sleep, little one sleep. Go to sleep my little brother. Go to sleep and close your eyes." Over and over again. I swear, there are no other words either. No wonder I was about to pull over and set up camp on the side of the road. Oliver and his mommy were being brain-washed into sleep! In addition, it sounded like the batteries were dying.... I mean, if the song went any slower......

I wish I could upload a clip from the CD for you. But then, you'd fall asleep before you'd finish reading this post.