Like father like son

Aside from the sounds and fragrances these two have in common, they each have a "mobile" that they are mesmerized by. And following in the steps of his father, Oliver would have much rather been home last night lying recumbently watching his mobile, rather than be out at a very posh steak joint, celebrating my father's 80th birthday! Needless to say, Oliver went out for a very nice meal, begrudgingly so however, even if he was the center of attention in our section of the restaurant (for a variety of reasons).

Anyway, the other morning I plopped and propped Oliver up on a pillow or two in our bed so he could see more than the world above him, and what happened next was really no surprise to me since he takes so much after his father, not just in looks.

He found his father's "mobile" and watched it for quite a while. I think I'm already outnumbered!

PS. I didn't distract him because, being the bad mother I think I am sometimes, it actually was a good segment, a Bob Costas debate on The Internet and Impact of Bloggers. I thought it could give Oliver a glimpse into what Mommy does for a living and as a hobby. This blog, in a way, is a substitute for his "baby book," something I feel slightly guilty about already. I love blogging, but I'm not sure how to attach the first lock of his hair to cyberspace.

PS. PS. The future of communication, by the way, is going to be shared with people like editor of, Will Leitch, who like myself, are not the ones to be pitied (his words).