It was time to say good-bye

Wednesday was my final check-up with my OB. It was so sad! She'd become such an integral part of bringing-baby-into-the-world. I've gotten to know her, like her and really really appreciate her. I liked Nancy, her nurse too. And even crabby Mitzy who scheduled all my appointments... I'll even miss her!

Dr. Earle was more than just a professional medic in the room when Oliver was born. I haven't written my birth story yet, but when I do, you'll see how she spent hours with us, monitoring me and comforting me. She even checked on me in the hospital each day and took over some of the tasks that many of the nurses would have done instead. I really felt like she was a big part of making this whole experience peaceful and meaningful. Her demeanor is calm, and during the time on the operating table, I could sense her serenity and calmness, keeping me in that same spirit.

Over the past few months she's gotten to know Matt too. She even said on Wednesday that it was nice to get to know both of us because it's not often that the daddy-to-be attends the office visits so frequently. Matt came to each appointment with the exception of the first. We had a dear friend who had to hear terrible news at one of her visits, and her husband didn't attend that particular appointment. So Matt didn't want that to happen to us. He was holding his breath each time Dr Earle listened for Oliver's little heartbeat in my womb.

The other sad news, aside from having to say good-bye (for a year) was that Dr. Earle said that I should not get pregnant again for a whole year (because I had a c-section). Now, Matt and I haven't decided whether or not to have another baby, (but I do have to say, the day Oliver grew out of one of his newborn sleepers, I panicked and decided right then that I needed another baby and soon!) but, to have the choice of getting pregnant this summer taken away was a shock. You see, if you don't already know this, I'm 43 years old. Now that we have Oliver we desperately wish we would have done this sooner. I can see why people have more than one child! It's amazing. I can get pregnant again, but not until next March. That puts me at age 45 when I give birth to child #2. OK, even that I can deal with. But.... the chances, according to Dr. Earle, of having a child with Downs exponentially increases at age 45.

Our doctor says I'm lucky to have had this one squeak by. We're uncertain. And we've been told that since Oliver is easy and mellow (mostly) our second could be a hellion!

So, Wednesday was bittersweet. And we have some thinking to do.... but as Scarlett O'Hara says in Gone with the Wind,

"I'll think about it tomorrow....After all, tomorrow is another day!"