I'm liking it!

A few moments ago, I was thrilled to see Oliver stare at himself in the mirror for the first time. These are things I didn't think I'd have the patience for anymore. I mean, when I was 12 and babysat my niece and nephew, I was totally into children. We'd play puppet shows, I'd teach them to ride their bikes and tie their shoes. As baby due date approached, i thought I'd never be the one to sing to my son, read books to him, teach him all those simple little things. In fact, I declared Matt the "reader" in the family.

Today I'm excited to see the minor growths in my son. When he first received the "Las Vegas light show" he didn't notice the lights or the music. It's fun to see that change in him. I'm even thinking he notices music (that's for another post).

Now I can't wait to read to him... and all those other sweet things I did with kids when I was 12..... And I love holding him close to me and watching him sleep... Thinking about him growing is a mix between excitement and fear. (A mix between my self-centered independent side of not wanting to baby-tize my home or chase after a moving target and my instinctual and nurturing side who adores the simplicity in watching a baby grasp onto a toy.)

Oh my gosh, he's still staring at himself.....he's amused in a non-narcissistic baby-bewilderment sort of way... cooing as if to say, "hey check this out... someone's staring back at me!"

And of course, now he's fussing as if to say, "Would you quit staring at me already!"