I ate better when I was pregnant

(Ok, not even sure that is correct grammar!)

So, it's 1 am, and I just finished feeding Oliver. I'm starving. I have a huge supply of chocolate and candy to chose from and luckily, I am not in the mood for a quick fix like that. I still have the taste of Twizzler's licorice in my mouth from just before bed (which for me was around 10:30 pm).

When I was pregnant I ate pretty well. I read this book which I highly recommend to anyone who is pregnant called, I'm pregnant. Now what do I eat? I resisted buying the book for the first couple months because I thought, "duh, how hard can it be to figure out what to eat?" and also because I had already spent part of my retirement on pregnancy books. But eventually I broke down and bought it after listening to the author when she appeared as a guest on a prego podcast. The book gave me some great guidelines as to what to eat and how much during each trimester. Eating for two was a misnomer I learned. I only needed an extra 300 calories per day it seemed throughout the pregnancy. To me that meant each meal needed to count and there really weren't many calories to spare. Luckily my sweet tooth when on hiatus during my pregnancy. I could hardly stand anything sweet until it came directly from a fruit source.

I remember the day (my husband wont let me forget) that I was craving watermelon so badly. There was this fruit truck that sat on the corner on my ride home from work. I passed him each day. Finally, the craving was so great that I stopped to purchase a watermelon. I picked the smallest one on the truck. My husband laughed because I could hardly carry it in the house. It was twice as big as my belly at the time.

As soon as Oliver arrived, so did my sweet tooth. Fortunately, I lost so much weight after he was born (Ok, I don't mean to brag, but by the time my mother-in-law left town, I was back into my pre-prego clothing. I think that was 6 weeks or so after he was born) that I allowed myself to indulge in a piece of chocolate or six.... and now, that's all I can think about. I never did resist a Dove bar that day that I tried to be Dove bar free. I lost weight, but now I think I'm gaining it back. :(

It's 1:45 am and I think I'll go eat a cheese stick. But really, I could seriously go for a watermelon. Oh! I think I have half a melon in the fridge!