And baby makes three!

Hey there peanut fans.... ;) all is good here in Peanut World. We have a baby now and I can hardly believe it. I have so much to write about. It's been two weeks since little Oliver came into our lives and so much has happened, fun and otherwise.

The thing I need to mention first and foremost is that nothing about this "getting Oliver out" and "living with Oliver" has been unbearable or intolerable. Some of it has been surreal; Mostly it's been really cool... and it's hard to believe we have this little creature here. He's been super easy to have in our lives, he's cute and squishy and lovable. I fell madly in love when he looked into my eyes... He has deep blue eyes, and they lead to an ocean of love which I fall helplessly into when I stare right back at him. His stare is relentless and seems to reach inside me and grab a hold of my heart. He pulls it out and into him and then before I know it I'm in love with this little creature......... which i have to say, IS like having an adorable little kitty or puppy. His blue eyes just melt my heart!

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked.

Nothing was horrible about getting him out of me. The most difficult hurdle was my OWN fears that seemed to hold me back. I'll write about the birth another time. Today, I just need to say that it's cool. I love it. I'm definitely keeping him ;) (some people know that I was a little worried about that). Bonding with him is a process, and I am enjoying him thoroughly. It is a bit difficult right now to get up and do what I want, when I want and as quickly as I want.... so I have some limitations. But it's OK. I have all I need for now pretty much w/in reach. And Matt can run about getting some things done and my sweet mother-in-law is here too doing for me right now what I cannot do for myself. We've had tons of friends stop by to bring meals too. We haven't had to cook for the last two weeks. Life is pretty good!

So, I'll write more later. And I'll try to upload some photos too.


  1. Yay Andrea & Oliver & Matt! I've been devotedly looking at your blog almost every day looking for an update! I'm so happy to hear from you! And am glad to hear things are going well. I'd love to stop by and see you guys sometime, but I'm in no rush. I kind of believe in keeping some distance for the new household to get acclimated. Remember you can come for a visit to Madison anytime! In fact are you free 4/12 or 13 for a visit? We can go to a class a Happy Bambino or whatever!! Big Love, Anne


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