Shopping with Oliver

In just a few short weeks of his life, Oliver has already hit most of the major shopping malls in the area, including a few of the outlet malls, more than once! His daddy says he has got to get Oliver into Home Depot to show him some power tools because Mommy has taken him to too many shoe shops already. True. I'm thrilled that I am still a size 7.5 (shoes) and have already purchased.... I think.... yes, it's 4 pairs of shoes in the last two weeks. I even have a few in my shopping cart at

Oliver has been doing so-so in the car seat. He really is not like the typical baby. He hates car rides and his car seat. I figured out tho, that if I take him out of his car seat and place him in his stroller (reclined back all the way) then he shops well. If I keep him in his car seat and plop that into the stroller or shopping cart, then he fusses. So, whatever it takes for mom to get a little shopping fix.... you know?

The other thing he doesn't get into is the vibration mode on his bouncy chair. I know it's a bad habit to get into, so I've only tried the vibration sparingly. But he just doesn't get into that. The other things I've tried that MOST babies like: slings and carriers. I have 3 of them. He hates all three. Too bad, because they are sorta comfy and they'd allow me to tote little guy around the house while I get stuff done. Anyway, Oliver will have none of that snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug stuff..... for now anyway. I'm keeping hope alive tho......

One thing he's totally into is this musical light show. I call it the Las Vegas light show, because it plays music and the lights flash on and off. Apparently Oliver has developed a strong liking to it, mesmerized by the flashy show. We luckily received this as a gift which is great because it's something I'd never think to buy. But it's a good source of entertainment for him, even if I have to listen to the same 6 tunes over and over and over again.