Fussy, fussy, fussy!

And then there are days like yesterday, where no matter where I placed Oliver, what we did together, nothing seemed to make him happy. Wednesday night he spent a couple hours with his daddy while I ran some errands. It seems he cried the entire time I was gone, and poor Matt took it personally. "He doesn't like me!" Matt sighed.... my heart went out to Matt, but... Well, it's not about us really. He's just a little guy trying to get used to the world outside the womb. So, Matt really felt for me, because while he tried to comfort Oliver from 6pm - 9pm that night, I had to deal with his fussiness all day long. In any case, one thing I have that Matt doesn't is a food source that is open 24-hours a day. Oliver's diner.... It's definitely his one main source of comfort and happiness.

So far this morning he's doing OK. I'm learning the difference in his cries. It seemed he was getting tired... when that happens, his cries take on an OWH sound.... sort of like he's yawning and crying at the same time. He wasn't crying hysterically, just the beginnings of a cry. So I swaddled him, rocked him and now he's sleeping peacefully.

When he sleeps he has this most angelic look on his face and any stress and anxiety that I feel just melt away. He's such a babe. He's looking cuter and cuter each day. He's getting bigger and bigger each day too. He was 7lbs, 10oz at birth, then went down to 6lbs, 14 oz, and now he's about 10 or 11lbs already! His head is getting bigger, and he's looking more like a baby instead of a squishy little newborn.

His eyes are still blue. His dark brown hair is getting lighter. His skin is still pink and light. He's soft and very, very cute.

I stare at him, sleeping and awake, and I try hard to see myself in him. I still wonder if he got mixed up with another baby and that he's really not ours. He doesn't entirely look like Matt, but he does look a lot more like Matt than me.

Of course, I did have some elective surgery on my face—aka plastic surgery—so even if he was born with any of my features, no one would know it because I don't even look like me anymore! :)