A fuss free day!

Oh my God, yesterday was a dream day. We had such a sweet time. Oliver was so mellow the entire day, and anywhere that I placed him, he happened to like. He was a dream baby. We even went for a 2 mile walk... the weather was great... the first time so far that it's been in the 70's.

We started the day with a speedy diaper change... we woke up at 9 am and had to quickly get changed and hop into the car to meet with Mr. Spicer at 9:30am, a hunk of a fireman who got Oliver's car seat tightly adjusted into my car. All those firemen are so ... so... well so like the typical Calendar Firemen! WOW! And many of them are dads, so they ooo'd and ahhhh'd over Oliver. What fun attention we had!

Oh wait, that was 2-days ago. Yesterday was different. OK, sleep-deprived mama-brain is kicking in. I have no clue what we did yesterday.... hmmm, all I know is that it was peaceful, and yes, in fact, we did take a long walk. I do know that Oliver enjoyed both of his swings.... and I was able to eat, clean up afterwards (a feat in itself these days) and even vacuum the cat hair carpet covering our living room furniture. I even got to watch my soap and eat a dove bar!

Speaking of ice cream, my pre-prego body is just about here. I am back into pre-prego clothing, most of it anyway. The largest part of me is my chest because I have to store all that food there for the breastfeeding king. We went to an afternoon wedding on Saturday and I bought a new outfit for myself. (Maybe I'll post a pic of me and one of my closest friends—the bride) Many people couldn't believe I had had a baby just 30 days prior. OK, but here's reality. People are just oh-so-nice. Yesterday on our walk, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a store window and it reminded me of those carnival type mirrors, the ones that make you look short and stout (fat)..... and realized that I definitely need to work out and quit eating those Dove bars.

So my goal today is to make it thru the day w/o eating a single candy bar or Dove bar. I happen to be out of ice cream, but unfortunately there are two custard stands within close driving distance. I'll have to distract myself by recalling the memory of my reflection in that window.