From Oliver's POV

So Oliver's favorite spot in the entire house (besides next to his food source!) is on the changing table. From what I've heard, this is usually a baby's least favorite spot. But not for my guy.

It's right by a window (where all the books tell you not to put a changing station) and I've hung a mobile above it. Oliver stares at the mobile.... he's fascinated by it. And in fact, most mobiles are not designed for babies, but for adults. All Oliver can see are the little bottoms of the animals' feet. Not something interesting nor pretty to look at.

But when he's fussy, crying hysterically or just plain bored stiff, we place him on this table, crank the tune (there's only one worn out tune the mobile plays: bah bah black sheep...) over and over and over again.... and he just settles down and is completely and totally into this thing.

Today I decided to take a photo from Oliver's point of view.... to be honest, it doesn't look too interesting to me. And the tune is grinding away relentlessly, but hey, even if we've already heard it 4,454,867 times, trust me, listening to it one more time is better than hearing Oliver cry. (Even if he does pout, look adorable and solicit kisses when he cries.)

And by the way, I'm not torturing him by strapping him down. Social Services and the safety nazi's would have my butt if I shot this photo w/o strapping him in.... I'm already risking penalty by keeping this table by a window where he could roll right out.... luckily there's a soft bushy plant right below it! :P

(OK, I'm just kidding... no need comment on the hazards of what I'm doing, I already know not to keep him on the table, unattended, especially when he's able to roll over, while the window is open.)

Anyway, check out the pix below...


  1. That's adorable! Photographing from Oliver's point of view, I love it!


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