Finding time

So life has been good for the most part and I think I've been blessed with an easy baby to care for.... altho many of the doom and gloomers have told me this can change in an instant so i shouldn't get used to it! Anyway, I still am finding it difficult to find time to do anything other than care for the little guy. When I do have a moment free, if I'm not taking advantage and catching up on my sleep, I'm trying to feverishly clean up my home, read up on child-care materials, take care of myself or checking my email. It's practically impossible to get much done tho and I usually have to choose which is the greatest annoyance that I have to tend to!

My mother-in-law is here and that's been super great. She's very mellow and has only a few ideas that conflict with mine. Some things I try to let go of because they are not too important today. (before Oliver came tho,they'd be very important!) But as helpful as she is, many things are getting placed in the wrong place or just plain shoved into spaces where they don't fit. She's been doing laundry like crazy which has been awesome, but my clothes just have piled up for the last two weeks. Shirts, sox, sweaters, jeans, etc.... all in one giant pile on my closet shelf. It's been driving me crazy. Stuff like that.... so yesterday we both took care of some of those things so that my closet and other areas (linen closet, pantry, back hall, kitchen cupboards, etc) has some semblance of how I used to organize our belongings.

Anyway, things for the most part are going well and I'm letting go of the little things that will drive me super crazy if I let them. My husband has been pretty good... especially during my little breakdowns. We realize that if we both break down at the same time nothing will improve, so he's been allowing me the down falls and he's been cheery and mellow during them. He's also, the last two nights, taken Oliver and kept him calm so that I can sleep before the night feedings begin. Even if I only get 1.5 hours of sleep from 8:30 to 10pm, it makes all the difference as I wake in the middle of the night to feed our little guy.

And yes, this is what my life has come to: going to bed anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30. Pretty sad huh? The fun part is that i can sleep until 8 or 9am too.... you'd think that's 12 hours of sleep when on a good night it's really 5 hours (broken up into 1 hour naps or so). Last night I'm sure I got more as we tried some new techniques that seemed to work.

I have no complaints tho and have to say this is pretty cool.