Finally, a minute to get something done!

oh my goodness! my mother-in-law left yesterday and it was quite a day! And today is the first day I'm "going it alone". I've been looking forward to this day, but I have to say, it's more than apparent to me right now how much Christiana had been doing for me!

Let me describe my home right now: lunch and breakfast is on the coffee table, 2-3 empty glasses are laying about the house, clothes everywhere as I started to see what new items I could place onto baby when he started fussing and had to leave them in piles all over the place, bed is not made, i'm still in my sweats that i slept in, haven't brushed my teeth yet!!! just now finished my morning coffee, gymboree type toy in living room floor (most of the morning it sat there unassembled), bouncy seat in living room, books piled up on side table as I tried to read but couldn't get far, discarded mail on floor in living room, a few plates and pans strewn about in kitchen..... sigh..... i mean, it's an utter mess around here! I didn't even describe all of it!

Oliver has been fussy since last night. Poor guy sat in that car seat all darn day as we headed to O'Hare to drop off Christiana. I sat in the car and waited while she checked in (oh, he's starting to cry again i think... i may have to finish this later!) and that took almost an hour. We quickly ran to IKEA, had a terrible lunch there, didn't even get to check all the floors since he was fussing quite a bit. Heck, I would too if I had to sit in that seat all damn morning. Then back to Milwaukee, stuck in traffic, stopping at the Addidas outlet. Again, he fussed each time he woke up. Then home and he was a happy camper. Then back into the car seat one hour later as we headed out to Waukesha for a meeting. He cried all the way home (from 8:15pm to 9-ish) pausing finally as Brahm's Lullaby happened to come on the satellite radio! Thank God for that because he chilled out completely!

He didn't sleep too well. And this morning he's been up the whole time. He finally went down for a nap at 2pm. I'm dying to sleep. I am checking email, writing this quick post and quickly going to pick up around here. Then hopefully I'll have time to take a quick nap. I have about 4 calls to return yet, but I'm gonna have to do that right after my nap. I'd rather do that while he's awake!

Ok, so that's life today without my helper, my savior, Christiana! I can't even think about how sad it is that she lives in Switzerland, lest I start into a hefty hormonal crying jag.