Burping the Baby

I'm glad I used to play with dolls when I was little otherwise I'd have no clue as to how to burp a baby. In fact, I still don't. It kind of ironic because each time I put Oliver up to my shoulder to burp him, I'm the one who ends up burping! Here I am, tapping him on the back–not even certain I'm s'posed to be burping him; it's just something I used to do with my dolls! That's when I started noticing that the burps were all coming from me, not Oliver! :P Anyway, I asked the lactation consultant about it and she said the way I was burping him was old fashioned. Today, you sit the baby up on your lap facing you and pat his back. I still have no idea how hard to tap nor how long.

At least now I'm not the one burping anymore.