Today it begins....

I don't have to be at work today and that feels really strange. I can't imagine not working for the next 3 months. I think I'm going to go crazy w/o my job, but I can always come groveling back for it. :)

Altho, I bet I'll be plenty busy here at home. We'll see. We just received another gift from a friend of ours who lived in Hawaii. He gave us a HulaHut toy for the baby. It's actually really cute and all the baby has to do is put the animals into the hut and take them out again, learning simple, very basic skills. I can't believe I'm so excited to play this game with him! I'm laughing now because I love complex programs, meetings w/clients, talk of the industry and now I'm actually excited to help a little baby put a stuffed little squeaky toy INTO the hut and pull it OUT again. This is the irony of my situation, and I'm certain I'm not the first mother (or father) to notice this.

Today I am feeling confident about what's about to happen finally. Some of the fear I've been feeling is magically gone (for now... it could be because the nausea is taking over.) This guy is getting so big and heavy in my belly, and I'm looking forward to letting him out. I even noticed the beginnings of stretch marks, and oh-my-god, get him outta here before those turn any bigger! (i guess i never did get past the vain part of this.)

I welcomed my last full night of sleep. I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I dreamed I was sporting a tank top made out of baby sheets with a cute pair of brown yoga pants. Baby stuff is all consuming.

Ok, time to make today's to do list and chill/rest as much as I can.