I'm on my lunch hour, so I thought I'd make a quick post. So yesterday on the way into work I had to stop at a friend's house to drop something off. As I approached her home I saw her two little girls waiting for the bus. Oh, they were so cute! And when I parked and got out of the car I tried to ease their fears (as I'm sure they thought I was a horrible stranger about to abduct them)...... saying, Hey girls, it's me, Andrea. How are you?? in my sweetest voice.

And then, there I stood, stupefied. In 2 seconds flat I imagined that my girl friend has lost her mind as I noticed one little girl had a yellow boot on one foot and a mary jane on the other. I'm thinkin', "Did Debbie lose it? Has she been at home too long and now can't control or even attempt to dress her child properly?" And then I looked at the older girl who also had mis-matched shoes on. I'm thinking, Is this what my life will be like if I ever give up working? Am I going to lose it too and send my children off to school without trying to style them up for the runway? What is it that having children does to a woman? Deb has the most calm, sweet voice, but lately I've noticed a large dose of fed-up-ness and exhaustion in it.

I confronted the girls. What in the world? Why aren't you wearing matching shoes? To which they responded, "It's crazy day."

And I had to admit, I completely agreed with them.