Peanut comes on Tuesday or Wednesday

Dr. Earle just called. She said there was an opening for me to come in earlier now. One of her patients who had a scheduled induction for Tuesday just delivered. Ok, breathe. Now I have that woman's appointment for Tuesday night instead of Wednesday night. Now baby will be born on Wednesday. Breathe...

I'm freakin'. I don't know why, but I was starting to make peace with the whole comin' in on Wednesday and giving birth on Thursday (first day of Spring!). Ok, so he wont be born on the first day of spring. God, I'm sucha a control freak!

Anyway, I'm kinda freakin' here, and I can feel the stress in my whole body. I'm excited to meet our little guy, but at the same time, I still tend to make this all about me, and I guess I'm still needing to get out of the way and let go. Breathe...

You know, my whole world could be turned up-side-down anyway if he decides to come tonight or tomorrow anyway! (By the way, if he doesn't come tomorrow night I'm heading out to see Pink Martini, my very favo band these days.)

On a side note, do you know that I told someone this past week that I'd actually be feeling better if I knew I was giving birth to a litter of kittens instead? I think because kittens are smaller and pretty darn cute, and way waaaaaaay less maintenance. Not many people care for my sense of humor.... did you know that? Some people actually take me seriously here and at face value.

Of course I know that I could never give birth to kittens, so save the comments people. I haven't done anything crazy in the sex department prolly since I was like ... well, like .... well, maybe I should keep that info to myself for now. :)


  1. Being the person you told you'd rather be having a litter of kittens to ... you know I very much appreciate your sense of humor! We are the same that way!

    If your little Oliver is actually born on Wednesday, he will share the same birth day as my soon-to-be ten-year-old Godchild/niece, Emily. I think that's cool!

    Bless you, your hubby, and your new little boy, my dear friend ... I love you tons! (And I'm going to miss you like crazy at work while you are gone, but you have more important things to do!)


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