Past Due

One more lunch time post......

Yesterday came and went, pretty uneventful. (that was Peanut's due date.)

However, in the evening we did take a breastfeeding class but I can't help but feel breastfeeding is going to be a type of on-the-job training. I did learn a few things in class last night, but will I remember them? Mostly these classes just bring up emotions and make me cry. I know it's hormones, and I can't explain why, but when they show a video of a dad saying, "guys, you just have to take care of things around the house for a while," that sends me into an emotional tunnel in which I cannot tell if I'm happy, sad, or what the heck. I have no clue. I just cry. I look over at my husband and his eyes are red too. And he doesn't have the hormones. What is it? Why are we so emotional?

So, my doctor set up an appointment to have me induced next week Wednesday... that's like 8 days away. My only fear is the baby will be too big. (too big to come out!) :P Ugh. And that I'll have a C-Section. And that I'm not doing all I can that is non-evasive either. I think we need try some other things prior to that! ;)

The baby is def getting bigger, noticeably so. I try to turn over (flip sides) in bed and it's practically useless. I'm down to sleeping on the same side for half the night and the other side for the other half. I try to turn and most of my body does, but the baby / tummy stays put. I have to practically lift it up, like as in a spatula, and move it with me. I rest on my back for a second, but then I have to give up breathing. So, I rest only for a moment and continue with the process. The baby / tummy falls to the other side. Now I'm REALLY afraid of stretch marks! I find a pillow, stick it under the belly quickly, not so much for comfort, but for the fact that i am STILL vain and don't want to stretch my skin! Not that anyone but Matt will ever take a look at my belly again. I doubt I'm going to be strutting around in a bikini any time soon. Even if I did look OK in one, I've become quite modest in my "old age". :)

The other thing I noticed is that I'm tired of talking to people. I have no extra energy to give to my other relationships. That is something that happened on Friday last. Saturday I had plans to see a couple friends but instead decided to sit on the couch and watch an old movie. (three actually, the last of which was Gone With the Wind) I had just enough energy to paint a couple trees on the walls of Peanut's room. I only wanted to see my husband.... who by the way, must have noticed my change in attitude and hugged me asking, "You still in love?" to which I responded, "Honey, I love you more now than I ever have!" and then I paused.... and said, "Of course I hate you now more than I ever have too." And we laughed because it's just so true!

Ok back to work. A short lunch of blogging and eating. Well, I didn't really eat b/c I'm still full from my morning meal. That's because for the last two days I've had roast beef, potatoes and root beer for breakfast. Sounds gross, I know. Don't ask. It's just one-more-thing I can't explain.