I just had another miracle happen today. Aside from the first one of waking up w/o being in total and complete fear, I just got back from running an errand, when all of the sudden my neighbor walked out into the alley. This is a neighbor who hasn't spoken to me in about 2 years, ever since we canceled our landscaping project with him. He's ignored my hellos for the last two years. Today he says hello and asked me when baby is coming. We started chatting and he ended up saying some things I really needed to hear today! Not only that, but we have the same doctor and he told me about what a great experience that was too. He was at the same hospital, same kind of induction and so on and so forth.

Today is a very special surreal day.

Ok, I have to go finish eating my last supper. ;)



    We just got the word at work about your phone call and wonderful news!

    I'm so excited to see you, Oliver, and Matt!!

    Love you, Jackie


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