We still have so much to learn

Hello all...... the weekend was great. The baby has dropped tho, and that is what is causing all the pain in my pelvis. I'm still having a difficult time walking most days. On Friday I called my doctor crying (hormones raging... I had no reason to cry!) and said I was in terrible pain when I walked, clutching onto the sand in the plaster walls. So, I'm signed up for physical therapy next Thursday and every Thursday thereafter. The cool thing is some days are not so painful and unfortunately, some are.

So today we went to Sam's Club to buy our very first box of diapers. Matt signed us up for membership there so that we could save $$ on diapers. $175 and boxes of frozen chicken, sausages and gummy bears later, we walked out with a big giant box of Pampers, only to find out that we bought the wrong size. The boxes are all labeled: 1-2, 3, 4, 5....... and being that 1-2 was the smallest, we just assumed they were the smallest made. Ok, so they are way too big for a newborn.

Alright.... I have to admit, I don't even know what to stock the "diaper changing area" with. Diapers of course. Wipes (got lots of those today too)..... one book mentioned a brush.... ah, what am I supposed to brush? I assume his hair, but, is that how it works? I mean, am I supposed to brush his hair after each diaper change? I just don't get it.

I called a friend to ask her, in a panic. So now I have the scoop: diapers, Vasoline, diaper cream (but only in case of a rash) and wipes, lots and lots of wipes. That'd be it.

She also told me that I need about 2-3 sleepers or more per day (right now I have 6-7 total) and if I don't want to do laundry each week, I should have 2 weeks worth. When I mentioned to Matt that I just can't imagine spending MORE money on 20 more sleepers, he's all like, "What's a sleeper?"

We have so much to learn yet!

I asked my more experienced friend, do I need more rattles? I'm frantic now. I have only two. She tells me the baby wont use a rattle for a long time yet. Really? I had no idea. I thought all babies needed rattles.

What about strapping down the changing pad? Aren't we supposed to secure it to the wall? And then I started thinking about all the cat toys laying in all the crevices of the house, in places that are out of adult eye site (but very obvious to cat's and baby's). She says, Andrea, babies break you in very slowly. He wont do anything for the first few weeks, or months really. I mean, I heard I wont even get a real smile out of him for a while.

But you know what? That's OK. Today I saw this pic on a local photographers website. It was so beautiful (I'm going to post it below and if you click on it, you'll see an even larger version.).... and along with this photo was Elizabeth Mitchell's, "You are My Sunshine" playing in the background. Well, with all my hormones at the highest level yet, I started bawling—non-stop.

I know I'm going to weep with joy once I see this baby. I'm really starting to fall for him and am getting excited to meet him. His birthday is coming soon. We both can't wait! I already love him.


  1. Andrea - your posts are so fun to read! Everything will be OK. Help/advice/suggestions are just a phone call away. And remember God made us able to take care of babies. It'll be second nature. You'll do GREAT! Do you have a really recent pix of yourself?

    Love - Anne


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