Prenatal Massage

oh my god, that's all i can say. it was awesome and i booked another for next week already. it was just want i needed. unfortunately i left with a headache, similar to the one that came on after last week's physical therapy session. it could be that the pressure points both of these women focused on released some crazy toxins into my body which resulted in a mild migraine.

did i mention that the nausea is back? it's the same nausea that i had for the first four months. what i learned is that i have 2 hormones that have been increased in the last couple of days. this nausea came on all of the sudden yesterday. it's constant. nothing appeals to me. i feel like not eating at all except that i'm often quite hungry, especially in the morning.

i think the hormones explain why divorcing matt sounded like such a good idea this morning!