Part One of Birthing Marathon Class

Just got back from birthing class. We are taking an 10-hour marathon class which included tonight and all day tomorrow. It was nice and I certainly learned a few things, but most of what was covered tonight was stuff I had already known, either from friends or from the million books I have.

The best part of tonight was that as we walked to the car Matt said, "I finally feel for you." You see, they showed (what I've seen before thanks to the Discovery Channel, the Health Channel and many other cable shows) the baby coming out of the vaginal canal. I think it freaked him out quite a bit. They also showed women in labor and the pain they are going thru. They even showed the "side-o-beef" that is the afta birth. And many, many other not so pretty things.

He continued to tell me that he feels bad that I will have to go thru so much to have this baby. Wow. Amazing. Miracles do happen.

Anyway, my hormones have been making me cry all damn day and tonight's 3-hour class was no exception. It was hard to hold back tears during the class.

The one thing that is so disappointing is that this awesome hospital that we are going to be at, is so sterile and sterile smelling. It's nothing like home, nor is it like even the commoner's room at Wynn Las Vegas (my favo hotel). I mean, it's like a cheap hotel room. The beds are thin, the sheets are bad....... no bedside lamps in the postpartum rooms. None of the comforts of home. I think my "labor" bag (oh, i'm getting saavy with the lingo now!) will include my pillows, bedsheets, a lamp, .... and i'd like to bring a candle but it's against hospital policy... and many more things to make my room and stay more comfortable. Even the baby blankets and clothes are not so cute. I can see why people have their babies at home. However, for my first time, i feel much more comfy with a pro in the room (nurses, doctor, etc)......

I think I'll call the hospital and find out what size their beds are and get some cute sheets....... even if they will get all yucky.

But the best part of tonight is Matt's realization of what a woman goes thru. This is my miracle of the day today.

Now...... off to my spa bath...... ah, the comforts of home!


  1. I hope you have figured out that labor beds are like single beds at home because the bottom third comes off for delivery so your sheets won't fit. love you!


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