Nineteen days and counting!

Oh my goodness. Only 19 more days. Holy Sh*t. That also means, only 3 more weekends too.

I can feel this baby's body parts in my belly. It's so weird. He's fully developed and considered full-term now. I just hope he's not going to be too big to come out! It seems impossible to get that little guy out. He seems so big already. My belly is definitely huge. I'm not too big, but the belly is.

I wonder if I will miss him being inside me after he's born? Right now it's just me and him and I get to take him w/me wherever I go. And he really doesn't say much, verbally that is. It's kind of nice.

If he's tall like his daddy that would be great. If he's a chatterbox like me, we're in trouble. I never shut up. :P


  1. hey andrea! i just wanted 2 answer your question on here! You wondered if you would miss him being in your belly, and i THINK the answer is yes! Almost every mommy I know has said how much they miss being pregnant! But that's alright, cuz maybe you guys can try for a lil girl too :-P hehe. I CAN NOT wait to meet this lil guy! any names picked out? love u!!!!!!

  2. A chatterbox?!

    "Oh no, there are two of you ..."

    Famous quote from an English man we know :)

    I love you so much my dear friend! The words you are writing these final days of being prego are so very touching. Thank you for sharing them!

    xoxo Jackie

  3. oh I bet you deliver early! I just know little man is wanting to come out and meet you both!
    love you!!

  4. andrea, of course you'll miss what is past. miss too long, and you waste what's in front of you, as you well know. you'll get to know him, and he will get to know how to work you over to bend you to his will. and he'll have it figured out by 6 months old. and you'll be blind to it. we all are. we love our kids endlessly. enjoy! love you and matt! angie rose-mueller


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