My Nerves

I have so much to write about yet, but I think today I'll try to tell you about my physical condition. I'll also post another prego photo too.

On Friday morning, I was happily working at my desk and decided to get up and walk to the kitchen. I stood up and then doubled over. Not something I've done before. I had a pain in my abdomen, especially on the left side. It was not the same as pulling those tendons that are in that area. It was like the baby was going to fall out of my belly, right under the belly button. So I held him up as I walked, eventually straightening up.

This persisted until today. In fact, I'm still feeling it. I limp when I walk. I don't waddle really, like a good 9-month-prego woman should, I limp, hunched over, like a 95-yr-old man. Great. So much for glamor prego-ness.

I called my Dr today because I could barely put on my pants this morning! She squeezed me in and then she poked and prodded (so far my least favorite part of being pregnant) and squeezed and pushed.... after her not-so-scientific style testing, she deduced that the baby, which was perfectly set in my pelvis last Thursday, had moved his head to the left side of my abdomen and was possibly pressing on a nerve. She tried to move his head (oh f@#%! That hurt!) but he wouldn't budge. Obviously, stubborn, just like his father.

And of course Matt, who was sitting there during the exam, said to me, "Oh, so the kid's already getting on your nerves, huh?!" Oh you're so funny... so funny.

Then my Dr sent me on my way, limping and hunched-over, with a brochure on how to stretch my body. That's it? That's all? Can you not see that I am not supposed to look like my grandpa? Hello??

Ok, left to my own devices of course, I'm scheming a way to get this kid to move his head. I'm thinking, well, you know, I could drink a ton of caffeine and that will get him kicking and tumbling. Of course, I had to listen to a podcast today about how fetus's cannot process caffeine and it makes them go crazy. Great. Guilt. How about some club music? Will that get him to move around?

So, I'm limping. And in pain.

And just before I left, my Dr said, "well Andrea, it's time you started acting like a pregnant woman and sit down when you put on your pants."

And she finishes with, "And don't stand on one leg for a while." Another funny one in the room. Matt's cracking up.

No wonder those two get along so well.