The gals I work with

Had a fabulous time at the work party this past Saturday. Here are a couple Chiqua's that I work with. Aren't they beautiful? The gal in blue is Jen..... famous for being married for a year and not telling anyone... not to mention, married in a Las Vegas drive-thru in a Lotus. Very fitting for her and her husband's personality. And Jackie is the author of She's my comrade at work and was the first person here (even tho she's not a mommy to a human) to figure out I was prego. She knows me that well. (It could have been the green color on my face from morning sickness... not sure. The rest of the ppl here prolly just thought I was hung over, even tho everyone knows I rarely drink.) Hope you two don't mind me posting these lovelies of you on this site. Not like many people read this anyway!

Included in the evening events was a delish dinner, fun apps (ok, i keep forgetting that i'm allergic to seafood and one more time, broke out in hives on my belly the next day.....which, by the way, was OK with me towards day's end b/c it gave me the opp to reconnect with my new best friend: Benadryl...... oh how i love thee!) (and before I get nasty comments, it's DR approved, safe to take while prego and this is only the 3rd time I've taken it!) and we also each received an iPod touch and some other goodies from our bosses.

The perks are great here! It's nice to love one's job AND have cool perks.