Feelin' great

So, now I'm back on track and can walk w/o pain. I can even sprint up the stairs. I have a PT appointment this Friday and I'll still go to it even tho I'm feeling no major pain. It's cool how much I learned from the last appointment. I had been so sore around my pelvic area.... there are these ligaments that were so sore. The PT pressed on a spot inside my thigh, near the knee and I practically punched her! Oh my GOD did that hurt! It's interesting how all these things are connected.

Sunday night I told a friend that I had 3 weeks to go. Then she reminded me, Andrea, it's 14 days away. Holy Sh#t! 14 days? In fact today it's 12 days, and tomorrow it's 11!!! Oh my God, 11 days? I'm starting to panic thinking I'd better clean out my desk from all the junk (at work, in case others will use it while I'm gone) and I'm ordering things I need on line like crazy because I'm getting a tad to big to just buzz around and get the million things done that I want to do!

And for some reason I have a compulsive need to organize any and all junk drawers. In fact, I even made calls to two friends asking if they would come over this Saturday to help me organize two junk drawers.

I'm losing it..... slowly..... I don't think I'm thinking quite rationally anymore.