Blue and Brown

I'm excited to meet the little guy, but now I'm worried he'll be too big to fit into all those cute little clothes I received as gifts. I'm hoping he doesn't arrive too late because the longer he stays inside me, the bigger he gets. And that means he wont get to wear those cute teeny tiny outfits I have waiting for him. Already I washed and dried one and it shrank to the size of a 8 week old kitten. For those of you who don't know what size that is, think size 8 woman's shoe.

Not only that, but did I mention that pretty much EACH outfit is blue and brown, just like the colors of his room. Poor kid. I wont let a single yellow, red or green toy into his nursery because it wont match the decor (not to mention what he's wearing). In fact, if it's a toy that is just, well, not cool, then I wont give it to him . I'm already screwing up his life. Poor kid's going to dress like a clown in his teens all because I'm denying him any thing to do with circus colors. (I really hate primary colors!)

Anyway, the nursery is just too cute. I tied perfect bows on the bumper, washed and ironed (yes, ironed) the sheet and crib skirt..... carefully placed a few choice stuffed animals into it..... it only took about 2 hours. And then I realized I put the bumper on backwards. Well there are 26 ribbons to untie and retie..... so forget it. But then I noticed a few wrinkles on the sheet, and then again on the crib skirt..... I just had to turn away and go to bed. I'm obsessed. I'm sure once baby comes, these will be the LEAST of my concerns. In fact, I'll prolly be so tired and disgusted, that if I come back and reread this, I'll think of how pathetic my life must have been if my biggest problems are slight wrinkles in a crib sheet.

Ok, I'm sure you're totally disinterested by now if in fact you read this far.... so I'll quit now. I have some great quotes to share in my next post.


  1. Funny, funny! I read it all and I think the nursery looks great!


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