What's up with customer service?

Who trains these people? Today already a CSR and a sales clerk made it on my, "You're kidding, right?" list. The trip to L'Occitane was useless really as I came there specifically for a special product which was advertised in this beautiful tri-fold postcard they sent me. Well, they were completely out of the product, have been for some time and wont be getting any more in before the sale ends next week.

"Ok, so why did you send out those postcards with those beautiful product images on them when you don't have them in stock?" I ask the sales person helping me. She says, "I didn't send out the postcards, Corporate did." I'm in disbelief. Did she really think I meant her? I said, "I know you are not the one who sent out the postcards." (I'll play your game). "Why did Corporate send those out when they aren't supplying you with inventory."

"I don't have an answer for that." I suggested she find one and walked out. Matt said, "Don't mess with the prego lady!"

That's right lady. Don't come between me and my belly butter. God knows I must do all I can to avoid stretch marks (which will arrive any day now, I'm sure).

So, I swore off L'Occitane for life as I walked back to my car composing my nasty gram to them in my head....... another symptom of pregnancy.

I also wrote my credit card company online yesterday. I signed up on 12/29 to have them alert me when my balance reaches zero. I figured I'd get a call and an email next month and then I could celebrate. Currently, I have a small balance on my card. Now, I've received daily phone calls and daily emails (since the 29th of December) stating that my balance is zero. So.... not only are they reporting incorrect information to me, they are reporting it daily. I wrote them today, provided them with a log and a screen shot of the log (posted on their website) and told them that I would deactivate my alerts however, they might be interested in this crazy bug in their system which sends me daily reports. So, what's their response? I get an email from the CSR telling me how to deactivate my alerts.

OK, does anyone but me get annoyed with this stuff? (Another symptom of my prego state I'm sure)... I wrote again explaining that I know how, and in fact already have deactivated my alerts. I'd rather you pass this info on to your back end developers. But I'm sure the CSR in the technical dept does not know what a back end developer is, nor how to locate them. Sometimes these internet contact systems are so great, and sometimes it's practically impossible to reach the one you'd like to chat with the most.

I'm done.