What's a Baby Book?

Ok, so many people have been mentioning a baby book to me, and I kind of get what they are saying, but I still feel I have not uncovered all there is to know regarding the traditions of having a baby. I feel like I am missing out on something here.

Friends keep saying things like, "Oh, you can put that in your baby book." or "Oh that will be a nice addition to a baby book!" and stuff like that, but honestly, I have no clue what a baby book is, and I'm feeling a tad out of the loop. And I'm not sure I care either.

Is is a scrap book? I'm not into scrap booking, just so you know. Am I a terrible mother if I don't keep a scrap book or the first lock of our baby's hair?

Couldn't a photo album just suffice? And in addition, can't I just order my photo albums from iPhoto or flickr.com and be done with it? God, please tell me I'm not going to start shopping for stickers and blue plaid paper. I'll die.

One more thing to mention, just so it's ON the record (and sorry if I am offending all the soccer moms out there.) I will NEVER NEVER NEVER have a mini van (especially if I only have one child!) and in addition, I will NEVER EVER NEVER place a sticker of a soccer ball on my window.


  1. ANDREA! you're too cute! :O) a baby book is NOT a scrapbook with all those stickers n gadgets n such. a baby book is simply a book you buy somewhere (practically anywhere) that you fill out info such as mother/father's immediate family tree, how much your son weighs at each of his milestone doc appts, maybe a couple pictures here n there...theres pages with spaces to write the date of his first step, first word, etc...and usually there's a page to write down some of the gifts you got at your shower, a message to baby, etc. stuff like that. its definately a great keepsake and something cute for him to have when he grows up, but no worries, it is NOT as involved as a scrapbook, and you are definately NOT a terrible mother if you dont do it! hope that helps! love u!

  2. Andrea - this post is sooooo funny! I love it! I just wanted to tell you that I too wonder how saggy my boobs are going to get when I have a baby. Little boobie people envy us more well-endowed women for years and years and years and then when we all get pregnant they love their boobs and we grimace at the sight of ours. The tables turn... But alas, celebrate your boobies, embrace your boobies, and do a little boobie dance!


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