Time to Eat

The lab test was not difficult. The syrup was not fun. After having slept, listened to music, read several magazines, made a few calls.... thereby briskly walks my OB.... Dr. Earl. I'm sure she was on the way to pull some woman's baby out....... (isn't that what they do?) and she smiles as she drifts past and asks, "So how was the drink?" .... Ha Ha... Rub it in ..... I mean I like sugar, but that stuff is like poison.

Matt was there and that was nice because I have this fear of passing out. I thought I was going to faint a few times at which point, it feels like a complete loss of control which God knows I can't stand!

A lovely little 4-yr old boy came in with his daddy and when they called him to draw blood, all I could hear was screaming bloody murder behind the wall ...... I WANT MY MOMMY! I could relate little guy.....

Off to shopping now. Need new shea butter for my belly. I know stretch marks happen from the inside out, but I can't help feeling a tab bit of relief and sense of control by rubbing this on my belly nightly. Matt says it smells like grandpa's basement so perhaps today I'll buy the lavender scented butter instead. Lord knows Matt is already kind of freaked by the prego belly. No need to scare him off completely.