People who get pregnant women sick....

Should be fined! I should be sleeping right now, but this cold has kept me awake since 4:30 am. That's OK tho, as I needed a break from dreaming about Peg Perego strollers. It's really become a sleeping obsession of mine: strollers. Last week it was the Bugaboo that I couldn't stop dreaming about. I love both of those strollers but they are so expensive (even when they are half price on eBay).

Anyway, I was on the couch all day yesterday from about 11am until 10:30pm. I watched an entire season of The Real Housewives of Orange County as well as a few prego shows (which made me cry and made me even more congested than I was). So now I have the dope on all the happenings of the rich and not-so-famous, making me feel very comfortable with my own middle-class life style.

I think I will take another day off work today. I really hate to do this as I'd rather save my daze off to spend with little one or working on the nursery (which, oh-my-God, is not even started yet!) but I guess it's important to take care of myself too, especially now. Besides, yesterday they practically escorted me out of the building at work.

Peanut is sick too, I can tell. He moves around, but is a little more sluggish than normal. I think the cold virus has him feeling down too.

By the way, an acquaintance of mine just had her baby last Friday. She'd been expecting miss Lucy to arrive any day now, and the baby arrived just before her due date. Problem is, Lucy turned out to be a BOY! Alexander is a healthy baby boy. I can't wait to see them on Thursday when I bring a meal over. I'll try not to infect them w/my cold.