I'm on a Roll

Today I had to fill up my windshield wiper fluid. It has been running out weekly if not sooner. So annoying. My hormones are still on fire and I knew, just knew something was not right. After all, I'm 43 years old and this is not my first car. In fact, this is my 3rd winter with this car and I have never had this problem before.

Actually Matt has been the one to fill up the windshield fluid. So thank you to him. And it was slightly humbling to see my engine today.... looking clean and new still... and not know which container to pour the fluid into. I looked at all the diagrams and deduced which was the correct one. I watched as the liquid poured in, hoping that I had made the right choice and not screwed up my engine for good. I didn't. I looked everywhere for leaks. I knew there had to be one somewhere.... talking to myself at the gas station, each time noticing that the attendant was watching me (the crazy woman) look around her engine and ranting. Aha. I found it! It appeared that the tube/hose that brings the fluid up to the release valves was cracked, taped and then cracked again.

Now, mind you, I just paid $700 for a tune up (don't ask. I am trying to get over that one.) and right after I got my car back from the dealer, the windshield fluid did not squirt out like it once had. And it ran out immediately after the tune up, leavingme to think that the teenager who worked on my car (at the dealership where i had just paid $700 for that tuneup) forgot to fill the container.

Instead, I could see that the hose was cracked, broken in two obviously by someone who worked at the dealership (where I paid $700.....) and then taped up in an attempt to cover up their error!

I was fuming about this as I was driving back to work over lunch and then I realized, why shouldn't I just channel this energy into some sort of productive measure...... Why don't I just go to the dealership right now and get this issue resolved?

I whipped around a corner and sped off, launching an attack on a poor innocent (ok, not so innocent) customer service guy at my dealership. Look at this! I demanded. I just paid (well you know the deal) and you guys gave me my car back in this condition? Taping to cover up your mistake? Do you know how many times I (matt ) have had to fill this thing up in the last three weeks?

He apologized, said he'd take care of the problem, gave me another car, and off I went feeling fully satisfied that I channeled my hormonal energies into a proper place.

But seriously, wtf? A dealership trying to cover up their mistakes like that?

Like matt says a lot recently, don't mess with the prego lady.