I ironed cloth napkins today

That's right. Call it nesting. Call it bored. Just know that I will not be ironing (nor starching) cloth napkins for many years after today; this much I know.....

On another note, we went to Target today to check out some baby stuff. I still cannot decide on a crib sheet set. My favorite designer, Dwell Studios, is coming out with a lower priced version of their designs online only at Target on Monday. Well, it looked like a storm hit at Target today. There was absolutely nothing left on the shelves. No play yards, no crib sets, no clothing, nothing! I'd like to think that people tore apart the store because I'm having a baby shower next weekend, but I know that's not the case. I just can't wait to see what the new inventory will be like.


  1. What's that saying...Never say never! It's almost like jinxing yourself that you are going to!


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