Demi Moore for a Day

ok, no, this has nothing to do with Ashton Kucher...... I had my moment in front of the camera yesterday. i had my pregnancy photos taken, and i kept saying i want to have a demi moore portrait done, much like the one she did on Vanity Fair magazine. I had no idea there actually was a big market for this stuff and that i had some unlimited options available in my area with regards to photographers. i also didn't realize that these photographers practically ask you to sign over your first born to them as well in terms of cost. I have a dear friend who is much like a sister to me who has a "step-mother" who does portraits for a hobby. she's not schooled in photography. she's self-taught and extremely talented tho, and not-to-mention, affordable. so we hooked up yesterday, me in my undies, her with the lights and her assistants..... having a blast. I really did feel like demi moore. I strut around in my briefs and robe and posed. It was fun and from what i could see, there were some great shots taken. i'll know more next week. I can't wait to do it again! Her batteries died or something, so we didn't get all the shots we wanted. Either I have to hire her back in the next week or two (very difficult to orchestrate schedules tho) or forgo the other shots. we'll see. I got my demi moore shot, except in my own eyes, i thought i had quite a LOT of back fat (and looked like a whale) but oh well. I also am very surprised at how big i am now. I didn't think my belly was this big! It's HUGE!

Speaking of the huge belly, i did grow an extra couple centimeters these past two weeks. I have been growing one centimeter per week, and my belly size has been correlating to my weeks prego. ie., 15 weeks pregnant, 15 centimeters; 30 weeks pregnant, 30 cm's. But last week i was 32 weeks prego and measured 36 centimeters. My belly itches like CRAZY right now. I thought I had discerned a few (quite a few) stretch marks this morning and that really freaked me out. At least I got the photos taken before they showed up - in the nick of time actually! But now I'm not so sure they are stretch marks. It could be marks from the robe i had on this a.m. I'm too afraid to look now, so i'll look later after i find some courage. Sorry, but yes, i'm still very very vain about this whole process. I'm looking forward to losing weight after baby is born, and i'm going to get very very skinny. I promise you.