Back at work!

Oh it feels so good to be back at work! And some of the gals chipped in a gave me a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses along with a few other treats! It made me cry! (Ok so one gal said she didn't even notice I was gone last week!) :) Doesn't matter. ( re: crying.... I'm learning to live w/these hormones) I love the fleurs. They are so beautiful! Note to those who care: fleurs are a good fix for sick prego ladies. :)

It felt good to be back at work too, being productive and doing some design work which i just love. It was nice change from all the baby shows, sudoko and talk shows that filled my time. I think I would just die if I had to live in front of a TV all day as much as I seem to love to veg out in front of it. Too much of a bad thing is really bad for my brain.

Last night Matt and I walked in the snow as we went to p/u our Chinese food dinner. Matt wasn't too thrilled to be in the fresh snow--but he put on his "I'm going to support my crazy prego wife" hat and made due..... (oh the snow was so fresh, light, fluffy and FULL! and beautiful and gorgeous!) so I put on my J-Lo boots and trudged thru the snow and let him walk in the shoveled areas. Poor guy. I was stuck inside for days. He's been out there battling traffic all day. But I couldn't remember sure when the last time I was outdoors! I haven't breathed a breath of fresh air in over a week I think! And the weather was not too cold either.

Ok, so now that I worked a full day I really need to go to bed. My belly is just getting huge and today I could hardly breath. I felt slightly light-headed a few times. I see Dr. Earl on Thursday. And can't wait: made a dentist appointment for February. That should be fun. Maybe I'll have this baby early and get to cancel! :P



  1. Oh c'mon! You know I love you to death, my dear ... nothing at all personal that I didn't notice you were out, being in and out of the office at class and busy with work! We're in different "departments" after all.

    I feel terrible!



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